Rothenberger are well-known for their dedication to providing quality, long-lasting and reliable plumbing tools and equipment to trade and DIY professionals. Rothenberger tools remain the top choice for professionals who require tools that have been carefully designed to make their work more efficient, safe and seamless. Shop Rothenberger pipe cutters, wrenches, tape, benders and more online at TW Wholesale.

What are the most common tools used by plumbers?

The most common tools used by plumbers include:
- Pipe wrenches
- Pipe cutters
- Pipe threaders
- Pliers
- Benders
- Tape

How do you use a Rothenberger pipe threader?

The user-friendly design of the Rothenberger pipe threader allows the user to easily cut threads onto the end of a pipe to allow the pipe to be screwed into various fittings. Simply insert the pipe into the tool and allow the motor to seamlessly cut the threads.