At TW Wholesale, we stock quality Kibosh pipe repair clamps for trade and DIY professionals. Compatible with 15mm and 22mm pipes, we stock pipe repair clamps to repair most leaking, cracked or damaged pipes. Shop Kibosh pipe repair clamps online, or browse our full range of plumbing tools.

How do I fix a leaky pipe without replacing it?

To fix a leaky pipe using a pipe repair clamp, position the clamp over the damaged area with the rubber padding covering the pipe. To stop water from escaping the pipe, tighten the screws on the clamp to create a tight seal over the leak.

How long will a pipe repair clamp last?

If used carefully, a quality pipe repair clamp can last for many years.

Are pipe clamps a permanent fix?

Although pipe clamps can provide an adequate seal for many years, they are only a temporary emergency pipe fix.