Eclipse 11" 275mm Locking C-Clamp with Swivel Pads

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Eclipse 11" 275mm Locking C-Clamp with Swivel Pads

Designed for versatility, this C-Clamp is your reliable partner when dealing with large or awkwardly shaped materials in automotive and woodworking applications. Elevate your clamping experience with features that prioritize precision, protection, and ease of use, making it a must-have for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


  • Extended Reach for Every Job: Tailored for tasks requiring long reach clamping, the Eclipse 11" C-Clamp is the solution for handling large or irregularly shaped materials, making it indispensable in automotive and woodworking applications.
  • Perfect for Sheet Metal and Welding: Specifically crafted for sheet metal and welding applications, the deep 'C' shape jaws enable a profound reach, providing a secure grip on materials, ensuring stability during the most intricate tasks.
  • Swivel Pads for Surface Protection: The swivel tips on this C-Clamp minimize marring on delicate workpieces. Protect your materials while maintaining a firm grip, ensuring that your projects are free from unsightly marks or damage.
  • Adjustable Screw for Custom Fit: The screw on the Eclipse C-Clamp adjusts to fit the workpiece precisely, allowing for a customized and secure hold. No matter the size or shape, this tool ensures a snug fit for optimal clamping performance.
  • Pressure That Lasts: Experience peace of mind with the Eclipse C-Clamp as it exerts and maintains pressure even after repetitive use. Your clamp stays secure, providing consistency and reliability throughout your projects.
  • Guarded Release Trigger: The guarded release trigger not only protects against accidental releases but also enables quick unlocking when needed. This thoughtful feature adds an extra layer of safety and convenience to your clamping tasks.


  • High grade chrome molybdenum steel handle