1kg Fire Cement

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The Trend Mesh Random Orbital Sanding Discs 150mm 120 grit is a Heavy Duty Silicone carbide grit sanding discs designed for 150mm Random Orbital sanders. With a harder grit composition compared to aluminium oxide rivals. You can expect a cleaner sanding session due to the mesh design there is unrestricted airflow across the whole sanding disc and once finished can be rinsed out with water and reused. Due to their hook and loop backers, you can easily switch pads from 40 up to 240 Grit depending on the finish that you desire on your workpiece.

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1kg Fire Cement

1kg Fire Cement is perfect to use when working with solid fuels as well as also working with gas and oil appliances. The product itself has been designed for use in the assembly and installation of gas and multifuel heating appliances.

  • Complies with BS476 Part 4.
  • Application: For use on solid fuel and gas/oil appliances.
  • Approval ROHS Compliant Construction Water-based pliable adhesive fire cement
  • Designed for use in the assembly and installation of gas/multifuel heating appliances.
  • Does not exude oil or stain most absorbent materials Odourless and non-toxic


  • Size: 1KG