Belle Minimix 150E+ Battery Cement Mixer - Body Only

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Belle Minimix 150E+ Battery Cement Mixer - Body Only

Introducing the Belle Minimix 150E+ Battery Cement Mixer - Body Only – Your Emission-Free Mixing Solution!

Say goodbye to traditional cement mixers and embrace the future of sustainable construction with the innovative Minimix 150E+ Battery Cement Mixer. It's time to mix concrete and mortar without any engine emissions or the need for an electrical power supply. Built tough and designed for professionals, this mixer delivers outstanding performance both indoors and outdoors.

The Belle Minimix 150E+ also offers increased working hours and usage in noise-restricted areas as it is quieter than a normal cement mixer. With a single charge, the Minimix 150E+ can mix up to 20+ mixes of concrete/mortar the equivalent of 2.0m³.

Areas of Use:

  • Ideal for construction sites, DIY projects, and professional contractors.
  • Perfect for mixing concrete and mortar on-the-go, without the need for electrical power sources.
  • Great for indoor usage and poorly ventilated areas like basements and tunnels.
  • Suitable for operation in environmentally sensitive spaces such as green spaces, nature reserves, and national parks due to zero exhaust emissions.
  • Well-suited for emission-controlled urban areas and rural railway cuttings.


  • Proven robust and durable design ensures reliability for all your mixing needs.
  • Compact and portable, making transportation a breeze on any job site.
  • Mixes a full barrow load of concrete or mortar with ease.
  • Powerful Li-ion batteries provide a 2.0m3 mix output on a single charge – equivalent to 20 mix loads of concrete.
  • Emission-free and environmentally friendly, perfect for use in poorly ventilated areas and sensitive locations.
  • Low noise operation extends working hours and allows usage in noise-restricted zones.
  • No routine power unit maintenance needed, eliminating downtime and costly repairs.
  • Cordless design offers unmatched flexibility in mixer positioning during operation.
  • Equipped with a barrow height swivel and stand for convenient pouring.
  • Extra-thick drum with quick mix paddles ensures efficient and consistent mixing.
  • Quick-release battery system with digital power level display for hassle-free operation.
  • Heavy-duty sealed cast gearbox ensures durability and a longer lifespan.


  • Motor Output (Hp/kW): 2.0/1.5
  • Max Drum Capacity (L): 130
  • Max Mixing Capacity (L): 90
  • Drum Speed: 24rpm
  • Paddle Type: 2x Rapid Mix
  • Off-Stand Dimensions WxLxH (mm): 597 x 1211 x 890
  • On-Stand Dimensions WxLxH (mm): 1057 x 1227 x 1432

Corded or Cordless: Cordless

Voltage: 82V

Tool Type: Body Only