Knipex 150mm Plier Wrench

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Knipex 150mm Plier Wrench

Knipex 150mm Plier Wrench is the perfect all-in-one solution that replaces the need for sets of metric and imperial spanners. With its smooth jaws, this tool allows damage-free installation of plated fittings, even when working directly on chrome surfaces. It excels not only in gripping and holding workpieces but also in pressing and bending them. The zero backlash jaw pressure ensures that sensitive components are protected from any harm.

Experience fast and effortless adjustment by simply pushing a button on the workpiece, eliminating the risk of unintentional shifting or slipping. The parallel jaws provide a solid grip, and their design allows flexible adjustment to accommodate various widths. With a lever transmission greater than 10:1, this tool delivers exceptional gripping power for all your bolted connections.


  • Replaces the need for sets of metric and imperial spanners
  • Smooth jaws for damage-free installation of plated fittings, even on chrome surfaces
  • Versatile tool for gripping, holding, pressing, and bending workpieces
  • Zero backlash jaw pressure protects sensitive components
  • Fast adjustment with a push-button mechanism
  • Secure grip with parallel jaws and flexible width adjustment
  • Quick and easy tightening and release of bolted connections
  • High lever transmission for strong gripping power


  • Head: Chrome-Plated
  • Handles: Chrome-Plated
  • Weight: 175g
  • Dimensions: 150 x 50 x 25 mm
  • Capacity for nuts: 27mm

Tool Type: Water Pump Pliers