Silverline 500cc Oil Suction Gun

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Silverline 500cc Oil Suction Gun

The standout feature of our fluid extraction pump lies in its notched-shaft T-bar plunger, accompanied by a molded plastic handle and double-edged seal. This innovative design ensures a secure grip and optimal control during extraction, making it an ideal tool for precision work in confined spaces. Experience the convenience of our 280mm flexible hose, which ensures controlled suction during both removal and refilling tasks. This feature is a game-changer, allowing you to maneuver with ease and accuracy, even in the trickiest of spaces. Crafted for durability and reliability, our fluid extraction pump is the ideal companion for mechanics, technicians, and DIY enthusiasts alike. Tackle fluid tasks with confidence, knowing that you have a tool designed for controlled and efficient operation.


  • For removal & refilling of non-corrosive fluids
  • Double edged suction seal
  • Firm, knurled, metal tube body with moulded plastic handle


  • Overall length 300mm
  • Includes 280mm flexible hose