Timco Hex No.3 S/D Screw W16 Bag SO 5.5 x 38 110 PCS TIMbag

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Timco Hex No.3 S/D Screw W16 Bag SO 5.5 x 38 110 PCS TIMbag

The Timco Hex No.3 S/D Screw W16 Bag SO 5.5 x 38 110 PCS TIMbag. This innovative self-drilling screw is engineered to simplify your tasks, ensuring a seamless and durable connection between roofing sheets and light section steel. Discover the exceptional features that make this screw an indispensable tool for professionals seeking reliability, efficiency, and exceptional results.


  • Effortless Roofing Solutions: No pre-drilling needed. These hex head self-drilling screws effortlessly join roofing sheets to light section steel (Max. 5.0mm), saving you time and effort.
  • Dependable Corrosion Resistance: The exterior plating provides a reliable and durable corrosion-resistant coating that can withstand 1,000 hours of salt-spray exposure, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Hex Head for Secure Grip: The hex head design offers a secure grip during installation, ensuring stability and preventing slippage.
  • EPDM Washer for Weatherproofing: Equipped with a 16mm EPDM washer, these screws offer effective weatherproofing to safeguard against moisture penetration and UV Rays.
  • Sturdy Material: Crafted from case and core hardened carbon steel, these screws deliver durability and strength for even the most demanding applications.
  • Optimized Thread Design: The 60° self-tapping thread ensures efficient and seamless insertion, minimizing the effort required for installation.
  • Comprehensive Specifications: From the drill tip length and effective thread length to corrosion rating and approval standards (BS EN 10666), every detail is optimized for exceptional performance.


  • Point Type: Self-Drilling No.3
  • Material: Case & Core Hardened Carbon Steel
  • Approval: BS EN 10666 (DIN 7504)
  • Finish: Exterior (Silver Organic)
  • Pack Type: TIMbag
  • Head Type: Hex
  • Substrates: Steel
  • MDT (mm): 5
  • Thread Type: 60° Self-Tapping
  • Drill Tip L (mm): 8
  • Effective Thread L (mm): 23
  • Head H (mm): 5.6
  • FW Ø (mm): 12
  • EPDM Washer (mm): 16
  • Pack Qty: 110
  • Corrosion Rating (1-5): 3 - Urban & industrial areas with a low salt atmosphere
  • Size (mm): 5.5 x 38
  • Brand: TIMCO
  • Thread Coverage: Fully Threaded
  • Pack Weight (kg): 0.82
  • Pack Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 261 x 148x 52

Material: Steel